Frequently Asked Questions about Arizona:

What are the taxes in Arizona?

The average property taxes are 0.84% of the home’s assessed value.
Arizona collects income taxes from its residents at the following rates:

For single and married taxpayers filing separately:

  • 3.36% on taxable income between $25,407 and $50,812.
  • 4.24% on taxable income between $50,813 and $152,434.
  • 4.54% on all taxable income $152,435 and above.
The sales tax in Arizona is a combined 8.6%

What is the population of Arizona?

In 2016 the population of Arizona was 6,927,347, ranking us as the 6th largest city in the country.
Phoenix – 1.5 Million
Scottsdale – 217,385

What are the elevations in Arizona?

The elevations in Scottsdale range from 1,150 (South Scottsdale) to 4,877 (North Scottsdale). The greater Phoenix area is contained inside of a valley which keeps the temperatures high due to low elevations. Once you travel North, outside of the valley, your elevations rise and the temperatures drop. There is about an 8 degree difference in temperature from Phoenix to North Scottsdale including many of the golf course communities.

How bad is the heat?

I’m not going to lie. In the months of June through September it’s hot. During the day it is not uncommon for temperatures to reach over 110 degrees. With that being said, as soon as the sun goes down, the temperature drops and our Summer nights are beautiful. We also have monsoons. These are moderate rain and lightning storms that cool things off and offer a spectacular display of nature to watch at night. These months are when most people exercise their use of the cooler and easy to access areas of Northern Arizona or California. However, if you can brave these four months of heat, you are rewarded with perfect weather in October through April. People come from all over the country during our Winter and Spring months. These months are why we live in Arizona and why there is a consistent migration of 100,000 people a year moving here.

What are our options for golf if we don’t join a private club?

Not a problem. Although our private club golf is incredible, we also offer numerous public courses that are beautiful and challenging. These include Troon North, Grayhawk, The Phoenician, Tatum Ranch, Talking Stick and Orange Tree in Scottsdale.

What are some things people do in the Summer when it gets hot?

Well, aside from the fact that almost everyone has pools, one of the best parts of Arizona is the close proximity to different terrains. Just a 1.5 hour drive North and you can be hiking in the pink canyons and energy vortexes of Sedona. Another 30 minutes North and you can be in the pine trees and snow in Flagstaff. If you travel 4 hours South, you can be on the beaches of Puerto Peñasco in Mexico. A 5 hour drive West, you can be in Los Angeles. Feel like losing some money but getting a free buffet? Las Vegas is just a 4 hour drive away.

What is the food scene like?

Being that we are just a few hours from Mexico, our Mexican food is as good as it gets. The greater Phoenix area has had a culinary explosion over the past ten years of dozens of non-chain restaurants popping up. Whether you like sushi, Italian, French, barbecue, Indian or Vegetarian, we have something for everyone.

How is the shopping?

It’s awesome. We have everything you could ask for, from thrift shopping to shopping that would compare to Rodeo Drive. We have outdoor malls in multiple locations in North Scottsdale as well as the famous Fashion Square district in South Scottsdale. All of these shopping centers have excellent restaurants to fill your tank on a break. Whether you like TJ Maxx or Nordstrom, Outlet malls or Apple Stores, we have what you are looking for.

Does Arizona have any lakes or rivers?

Yes and most of them are very close. Lake Pleasant, Saguaro Lake and Lake Havasu are less than one hour from Phoenix. The Colorado River and Verde River are easy to drive to. Arizona also has one of the most magnificent arrays of waterfalls in the world in Havasupai Falls (4 hours away) at the base of the Grand Canyon. All of these places have water activities, campgrounds and miles of hiking for you.

What kind of wildlife is in Arizona?

Arizona is home to an abundance of wildlife. We have Coyotes, Javelina, Bobcats, Mountain Lions, Deer, Elk, Snakes and Bears. Fear not, most of these guys dwell away from people. However, in the golf communities in North Scottsdale it is not uncommon to see Javelina eating fruit from a cactus or hear Coyotes howling at night.

What sports does Arizona have?

Arizona is home to professional baseball (Diamondbacks in Phoenix), basketball (Phoenix Suns), football (Arizona Cardinals in Glendale) and golf (The Waste Management Open in Scottsdale).

Why not Arizona?

That is a question I don’t have an answer to. See you soon!