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3 Reasons to Choose a Real Estate Broker Instead of a Real Estate Agent

Find out why these terms are not two sides of the same coin.

If you have plans to buy, rent or sell luxury real estate in Phoenix, you’re likely to come across different people working in real estate.

The average Joe gets understandably confused by this flood of niche-specific jargon and is sometimes unable to see the right professional.

Here are three reasons why a real estate broker can help you better than a real estate agent.

Brokers Receive More Training than Real Estate Agents Do

Brokers need further training, which allows them to set up a brokerage firm in their state instead of just being allowed to buy and sell properties.

Thus, they are better at navigating through offers and finding the perfect deal for you. You can rest easy knowing your broker has seen everything in the game and will choose what’s best for you.

Brokers Know Locations Like The Back of Their Hand

Most brokers work independently or set up a brokerage that hires other people in real estate, including agents, as they find the right choice for their clients.

Paired with more training and experience, they get to know locations all around their state much better than real estate agents. They also have better access to more exclusive price listings.

They Can Give You a Price Cut

Independent brokers don’t work under agencies and can give you a discount on their fees.

On the other hand, real estate agents have been hired by a firm, and they probably can’t snag such deals for you.


The differences between brokers and real estate agents aren’t huge. However, a broker knows better and has more liberty, making buying and selling properties more convenient for you.

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